Our Bees

Carter Farm’s apiary is located in Southwestern Pennsylvania across several small properties. We are a family farm with three generations working bees together. Our kids are in the hives with us, so we breed our bees for a gentle, calm temperament. Our northern queen bee genetics yield bees that are darker than normal, great honey producers, and have excellent overwintering ability.  Our breeder stock comes from Dr. Joe Latshaw in Ohio.

Our beekeeper, Matt, loves animals and bees are no exception. His first priority is to raise a healthy hive. We don’t offer pollination services, nor do we pull all of our honey because we want our bees fat and happy.

If you buy nuc hives from us, we are happy to go out of our way to make sure you have what you need to make your beekeeping a success. Matt recommends starting with two hives if you can, because if one hive is struggling they will share resources from each other, and as a new beekeeper you can compare your hives to each other to monitor how they are doing. Matt is available for any questions you may have, or to make an appointment to come out and take a look at how your hives are doing. We want your bees to thrive and for your beekeeping experience to be great.

Along with selling bees in nuc hives, you are able to buy a basic set of beekeeping tools from us to get started. We offer this at no markup for us, because we know it can be confusing to know what you need when you are new to beekeeping. Items you can purchase through Carter Farm include hive boxes, hive tools, smokers, a bee brush, and other sundry items.